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Cappuccino machines have invaded America! No longer just a diversion or a taste treat for beatniks and yuppies, cappuccino has become a mainstream staple in the United States. Thanks are due in no small part to Starbucks coffee and the countless similar knockoff “gourmet coffee” providers which spread like wildfire across the county in the eighties and nineties for taking a formerly avant-garde Italian drink and making it accessible to the general public while causing a significant demand for the widespread distribution of the machines required to make the frothy drink at home and in restaurants. People began clamoring for cappuccino makers and companies like Melitta, Bunn, and Saeco were more than happy to step up to the plate with an adequate supply to meet the growing demand. But all these devices are not created equal. Cappuccino machines vary in size, style, and results quite a bit. Unlike an automatic drip coffeemaker, the type of machine you use can have a big impact on the resulting beverage.

Bunn, Saeco, and Melitta Cappuccino Machines

The biggest names in coffee machines are, not surprisingly, the biggest names in cappuccino and latte maker machines as well. Saeco, an Italian manufacturer, provides espresso and other coffee related devices to a primarily European market. Bunn is an American company that is best known for providing coffeemakers to the food service industry. When you order a cup of Joe at Denny’s or IHOP, it’s probably been brewing on one of their creations. Melita, a German conglomerate, has divisions all over the world, including the United States. Melita cappuccino makers are considered some of Europe’s very best. Most of these companies also make some form of bean grinder.

If you’ve decided to purchase a “cappo” maker for your home, you can’t go wrong with one made by any of these companies. All of them have a proven track record of producing the highest quality java equipment on the market. Other manufacturers worth a look include Krups, and Black & Decker, whose Spacemaker line of kitchen appliances is very popular. Whichever manufacturer you choose, you’re sure to have no problem setting up and installing your new unit since all of them include very easy instructions designed to have you brewing in no time and added to the ranks of people who are enjoying the use of their cappuccino machines.

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