Coffee Habits of various Cultures and Professions

Today we are starting a new Top series where we dig deep into habits of various cultures and professions. This time we visited three Unibet Open live events in Sweden, London, Malta and Copenhagen and asked around what is the favorite type of coffee of the venue. In the end, we managed to put a list of 3 most popular coffee types in and around every Unibet casino. First up, we have to note that espresso heavily outnumbers cappuccino and other types of coffee ordered in the casino area. In fact, espresso coffee makes up for around 23% of all types of coffee. Also, a noteworthy fact is that some types of coffee are more seasonal, like Frappuccino. Naturally, cold types of coffee drinks are more popular in warmer climates and during the summer. As far as coffee brands go, the most popular in the variety of casino are Italian, however there are some exceptions. Top 3 most popular coffee brands in Unibet casino rooms

Lavazza’s Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee

Lavazza is among the most popular coffee makers and distributors around Europe and the whole world. They are renowned for the quality of their coffee and a wide range of flavours which helped them conquer every coffee over’s hearts. To be fair, if this would be a Top 10 list, Lavazza would heavily outnumber all of the other brands but for sake of variety and equality, we only included the best seller from Lavazza – Super Crema Espresso Whole Bean Coffee.  

illy Caffe Scuro Coffee, Espresso, (Dark Roast, Black Band)

Another Italian coffee mogul dominating in and around casinos is illy. Since 1933 when it was founded by Francesco Illy in Trieste, Italy, the brand has earned their reputation around the world. Consequently, illy is a popular brand in casinos. Our little experiment showed that illy’s Caffe Scuro Espresso Coffee is the favorite, although there were other types that came in close second and third. Illy’s Caffe Scuro Espesso is a special brand of coffee known for its rich and robust-tasting cuf of Espresso. It is sold in whole beans as well as coffee pods for machines.

Eight O’ Clock Coffee

Interestingly enough, the third most popular coffee brand in casinos does not come from Europe. Moreover, even though U.S. coffee market is dominated by Starbucks, Seatle’s, Caribou and other popular brands, casino staff and players prefer Eight O’ Clock Coffee brand. It is recognized as one of best tasting coffee brands in U.S. and now Europeans seem to enjoy it very much as well. Eight O’ Clock has a variety of coffee like Dark Italian, Dark Italian Roast, French Roast, 100% Colombian Peaks, African Plains, Hazenut, Caramel, French Vanilla, Chocolate mint. As we discovered, different casinos have a range of these varieties with most popular being Italian Roast, French Roast and 100% Colombian Peaks. Here you are. The jury is back with the verdict. We encourage you to try these brands, especially if you have been stuck with one brand for very long. There’s always something new to explore, you know.

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