Coffee Makers


If you love coffee, but are tired of paying the high prices for a starbucks coffee, consider purchasing a machine to make great coffee at home. You can always purchase the beans from starbucks and prepare the coffee in the comfort of your own home for less money. Companies like Black & Decker or Toddy offer a wide range of coffee maker choices for all styles of coffee drinks.

The Phillips senseo coffee maker uses pods rather than separate coffee filters to make coffee. These machines are convenient and offer easy maintenance and clean up options. Some true coffee connoisseurs feel the senseo results in weak and sometimes bitter coffee. If you want the convenience of a pod coffee machine, the senseo pod machine is a good choice.

The brewmaster by Kenwood is an English product that can be used to brew either coffee or tea. All cup sizes fit in this machine and coffee can be dispensed while still in the brewing process. The removable filter eliminates the need for coffee filters. Clean up is easy with this model and the coffee tank is dishwasher safe. The brewmaster is programmable and has a two hour shut off feature for safety and energy efficiency.

Saeco, Jura and Krups offer home espresso and cappuccino makers styles. Models are available for both home and commercial use. These manufacturers offer a variety of features and styles. The frothing mechanisms make good cappuccino and lattes as well as espresso. Some models come with built in frothing features and in other models this is an optional feature, but well worth the money for making a variety of coffee beverages.

Gevalia and Delonghi has a variety of coffee makers for both home and commercial use. If you love regular coffee, but your spouse prefers decaf there is a delonghi for you. The café II duo allows you to brew two carafes simultaneously. Maintenance is easy with an automatic de scaler indicator to tell you when it’s time to de scale the machine.

If you find waiting for your coffee to finish brewing difficult, consider the Melita five cup pause and pour coffee maker. This model allows you to pause the brewing process to get a cup of coffee. This machine has a swing out filter to help avoid coffee ground messes typical with some models of coffee maker.

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Keurig B60

1500-watt single-cup brewing system
Removable 48-ounce water reservoir


Brews 4 to 14 ounce servings
Removable drip tray to fit most travel mugs

Nespresso D121

Easy insertion and ejection of capsules
Fast preheating time: 25 sec

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