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Single cup Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Makers is the easy choice for anyone who is looking for variety in coffee and no hassle. These coffee makers usually operate on coffee pods. You want coffee – you put in the pod you want. The great thing about single cup coffee makers is that there are over 700+ types of coffee you can try at any time. Let’s imagine that you’ve got visitors. One of them wants a simple black coffee, the other one would like an espresso and the third rarely drinks coffee so all he or she wants is a decaf. If you have the pods, you can give each visitor what they want. That would not be as simple with grind and brew coffee makers where you would have a coffee bag for each type of coffee and after each use you would also have to clean the coffee maker. Not with single cup coffee makers.

Pods are small, don’t take much space but they are more expensive than plain coffee. Also, usually single cup coffee makers are very simple. They were made with one purpose in mind – heat the water and pass it through the coffee pod to make a quick cup of coffee. That’s it. It doesn’t know how to heat the milk or how to whisk it up. Plus, you only have pods you can use. In some cases, the coffee pods are compatible only with the brand of the coffee maker. That means that you will always have to think ahead – order online or find a local shop that always has your favorite coffee pods. Because if one day you’re out, you can neither use loose coffee nor coffee pods from other makers. Obviously, that’s not a big deal. If you order online, some makers give you an option to make a reoccurring order. Make an order once and every week or month you will have your coffee delivered right to your door. Nothing else to worry about.


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